Julie Jardine

Chair - Julie Jardine

“I am very proud and honoured to be the Chair of the CanDo Cancer Trust. Having a son experience Leukaemia when he was five was emotionally devastating and extremely difficult financially, adding to the enormous pressure placed on our family. I want to help make a difference for others experiencing the impact of cancer and make their lives a little easier. The Committee members of the CanDo Cancer Trust are very dedicated and it is a pleasure to work with them for this worthwhile cause.”

Wayne Edwards

Treasurer - Wayne Edwards

“I joined the Coffs Coast & Clarence CanDo Cancer Trust as I saw the opportunity to expand my community support from sporting activities to one which touches so many people. The Trust is a great source of financial support for local people and I am pleased to be able to assist in making it a great success.”

Karen Briscoe

Karen Briscoe

“As one of the Oncologists at the North Coast Cancer Institute, I see patients who face these challenges daily. Being a member of this committee was an opportunity to be able to assist people facing a very difficult time of their lives.”

Kerry Hines

Kerry Hines

“Cancer is an insidious disease which touches everyone, regardless of age, background and finances. It affects everyone – the individual, family and friends – making day to day living almost impossible. CanDo helps relieve some of the financial worries and I’m very honoured to be part of such a worthwhile committee.”

Christine Clarke

Christine Clarke

“We will all be touched by the effects of cancer on someone we know at some time in our lives. The CanDo Cancer Trust is a way of offering tangible support to families in our community as they face the added financial burden that prolonged illness and treatment brings. It is a privilege to have the chance to assist the committee with their fundraising efforts.”

Secretary - Helen Dwyer

I am pleased to be involved in CanDo Cancer Trust and the work it does for cancer sufferers and their families. Having seen close family and friends endure arduous cancer treatments and being a cancer survivor myself, I have  experienced firsthand the mental, physical and financial strains that are placed on individuals during this time.  Being part of the CanDo team will enable me to assist wherever and whenever I can.


Kim Anderson

“I have seen the devastation cancer brings both personally and through my work in the legal industry.  I recognise the need to ease the financial burdens of those involved and The CanDo Cancer Trust provides just that – practical, much needed assistance during times of turmoil and distress.  I feel privileged to join the committee and look forward to assisting the team and our community.”

Carolyn Boyden

“As a member of the Coffs Coast Freemasons Association, who are major sponsors, I have been actively fundraising for CanDo since its formation. Cancer disrupts and causes so much distress in families. By providing assistance to cancer patients in our local community the CanDo Cancer Trust can relieve some of the financial burdens that can be experienced during a long course of treatment.”


Neil Manson

“The most rewarding moment of my community life was when as a blood donor recently recovered from chicken pox my blood was used to assist kids with leukemia suffering from chicken pox. Chicken pox is especially dangerous to leukemic kids and the antibodies in the blood of a recently recovered adult can be lifesaving. As only 3 in 100 adults can or do donate blood, I felt extremely privileged in being able to directly help these kids. I hope my contribution to CanDo will also help as many people as possible.”

Youth Ambassador - Kenzie Beswick

“I know that cancer changes the lives of those touched by it regardless of what age an individual is, including youth. As the Youth Ambassador for CanDo Cancer Trust, I feel as though I can help educate, involve or help a younger group of people by making the organization present and accessible in their lives. I am so pleased to have the opportunity to be involved in supporting CanDo and its community.”


Jane Glover

Public Officer - Jane Glover

“My interest in the CanDo Cancer Trust stems from 20 years work in Palliative Care and Oncology. A diagnosis of cancer creates instability and stress to a patient and their family. There may be job loss, need for travel or changes in lifestyle. Finances should not cause further stress and can now be supported by the Trust. I applaud all the Trust members who have come aboard with great enthusiasm to support patients and families of the North Coast Cancer Institute.”


Norm Standing

“In October 2009 the Coffs Harbour/Clarence Cando Cancer Trust was born.  The Nurse Unit Manager of the North Coast Cancer Service wanted to put together a committee with the aim of raising money to financially support patients attending for treatment. Having a cancer diagnosis is stressful and an accompanying problem with finance can be detrimental.

At that time I was attending the Unit with my wife and heard there were plans ahead to set up this support. I immediately proposed that I and my friends at the Coffs Coast Masonic Lodge raise $100,000 to finance the Trust.  It has been a wonderful experience and I have enjoyed working with the committee and organising numerous fundraisers.”