Janice Sampson’s story

Janice Sampson an 80 year-old CanDo Cancer Trust recipient from South Grafton agreed to tell us about her cancer journey.

Back in December 2018, Janice was alarmed to find a lump on her breast and immediately contacted her local doctor, Dr Van der Merwe to determine the cause. Initial tests results indicated that she had breast cancer. She was then referred to Dr Ross at the MNCCI Coffs Harbour where on the 3rd February 2019, Janice had an operation to have her breast removed. Her immediate recovery was impeded by complications due to another unrelated medical condition and she was unable to start radiation treatment until some weeks later.

Whilst recovering in Grafton after the operation, Janice was told by a nurse based at the Grafton Hospital about the financial assistance that was offered by CanDo Cancer Trust.

When her course of radiation treatment commenced in Coffs Harbour, Janice along with her husband Alan who has provided her with a great deal of emotional and physical support, travelled to Coffs Harbour five days a week for three weeks. The cost of the fuel travelling from Grafton to Coffs Harbour and return was costing a small fortune and a great deal of financial hardship for the mature aged couple, adding to an already stressful situation. It was then that the couple decided to seek assistance from CanDo Cancer Trust.

At the MNCCI Coffs Harbour, they approached Andrea Sylvester, a Senior Oncology Social Worker & Counsellor who helped them complete an application for financial relief from CanDo Cancer Trust. Upon application approval, Janice stated “it took away a huge worry on our minds and was greatly appreciated.”

Janice’s last radiation treatment was on Monday, 29th July, with ongoing three-monthly check-ups until next year. She has nothing but praise for the doctors and staff at the MNCCI who helped her through a rigorous treatment regime and the long period of convalescence afterwards.

CanDo Cancer Trust would like to extend our sincere gratitude to Janice for sharing her story and offer our best wishes to her and her family for a bright and  happy future.

A request for assistance from Melissa Hilson
Social Worker/Bereavement Counsellor
Macksville Palliative Care Team.
Mid North Coast Local Health District

A patient of the Mid North Coast LHD from Bowraville had recently passed away from cancer and her family had no means to pay a bill left in her name, which had been outstanding since March 2019.  CanDo Cancer Trust was approached by Melissa Hilson, a Social Worker/Bereavement Counsellor from the Macksville Palliative Care Team to determine whether they could assist and CanDo readily agreed.

Melissa was mortified and embarrassed that a small local business owner has been left out of pocket for so long and was very thankful that CanDo could cover it.

She said “I appreciate the support, responsiveness and professionalism of CanDo. The work they all do is so valuable.”